I love words, particularly how they come together to paint the grandest canvasses. This is why I love reading. While once in a while I enjoy a good movie, nothing comes close to a good book. A good book engages your imagination and transports you to a different world. I suppose this is why I write, my prayer is always that I can inspire someone and help them discover who they are through my adventures.

I invite you to interact with me.

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Lockdown Chronicles

I spent the first few weeks of lockdown on top of my game, I was productive and intentional. I even envied myself, well, I was that proud of my effort. I was the star of my movie and nothing could beat me. Then I got sick, again and again. The second time and the third […]


Over the next few weeks, I would like to cover three key lessons that I learned
through my journey of healing. These lessons will cover the concept of violation and the process of healing and what happens in the process.