About the company

Khumo companies (Khumo) is a South African holding company that has interests in various fields. Khumo is headquartered in Gauteng and was registered as a Private Company under the Companies Act, No 71 of 2008 in 2013.

The company’s leadership brings passion, innovation and a wealth of experience in strategically leadership.

Our expertise, qualifications coupled with a local understanding of the management dynamics are excellent ingredients that propel us to actively work together with our stakeholders to deliver on objectives.

The company is committed to providing superior products and services through the employment of best practise and exploring new ways of doing things.

About the founders

Morui Shoabi is a business woman with 25 years of experience in the development sector. She is highly experienced in human rights, operations management, strategic management, programme management and grant making. She is passionate about prayer, mental health, community development, systems innovation and change. Morui is a teacher, mentor, editor, author and an enthusiastic reader. She lectures at the Stellar School of Integrity (SSI).

Morui Shoabi believes that education is an ongoing journey, one never stops learning. She has bagged a couple of certificates and diplomas under her belt. She has a degree in creative writing and she is currently studying towards her honours degree.

Dineo Tlou is what we call a powerhouse, not only is she a brilliant mother to two beautiful boys but she is also a career driven lady with excellent entrepreneurial skills, highly experienced in customer service, supply chain as well as in the energy industry.

Her corporate career has been successful for over 13 years encompassing roles in manufacturing, FMCG, supply chain consulting and the energy industry. She has been involved with organisations such as the Mandela Washington Fellowship Young African Leaders where she obtained the semi-finalist position and she is part of the 2020 Brics Youth Energy Outlook.

Dineo Tlou is very passionate about reading which led her to become one of the founders of Khumo books. She is also passionate about young people more especially aspiring writers, she believes in developing young minds and impacting knowledge hence she tutors and lectures to make a difference. She spends her weekends reading, playing, laughing and
meeting different people.

She has a number of qualifications under her belt, Honours in Marketing, Masters in Commerce (MCOM) in Business Management and she is currently studying Master of Management in Energy Leadership.