Khumo Companies is 100% female black-owned company. The leadership not only brings passion but a wealth of experience in strategic leadership and a sound management background in both public and private sector.



Khumo books focuses on publishing inspirational books that nourish the soul. The company takes advantage of traditional distribution methods and has also created alternative distribution methods, which are primarily focused on creating employment for young people.

Khumo books also offers distribution and publishing services such as editing, sub-editing, layout and cover design, and printing to independent publishers.


Khumo education specializes in curriculum development, facilitation and training. We specialize in popular education methods.  We are able to train and develop curriculum in any subject matter. Our focus is to ensure that our participants are capacitated in a manner that they are able to apply what they have learned from us in their environment.


Khumo R&D focuses on systematic activities combining both basic and applied research aimed at discovering solutions to current and future problems, improving existing products or service offering, and creating new products or services offering. We make our business to study our environment and to anticipate change that will impact on our clients.


Khumo events focuses on coordinating high-end events such as themed talks, marketing events, exhibitions and any corporate events.


Khumo Marketing develops and implements winning marketing strategies. Khumo marketing specializes in brand development and management. Something that is a key determinant to ensuring that clients services or products stand out.


Khumo Media specializes in helping companies utilize content to capture the attention of consumers. We do this by helping companies build their media brands and helping them to effectively use social media to harness brand strength and to increase visibility. Essentially the company offers its client innovative ways of increasing social media presence, and minimizing negative publicity or using negative publicity to benefit the client.

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